Crate Hire Bedford

Here at Kavanagh Brothers, we can provide crate hire in Bedford to assist with your short or long term storage needs or to help you when moving house or office. We also offer crates for hire in Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire, and our crates are available for both commercial and domestic use.

Our crates can make your moving process a lot easier as the sturdy exterior can protect your possessions during the moving process and they can also be stacked on top of one another to save space in your moving van, therefore saving you time and money.

Moving Crates in Bedford

The crates are made from recycled plastic which gives the crates a tough exterior, meaning that your possessions are better protected. We usually deliver your crates within 24 hours, and if a longer-term crate hire is needed, we can offer these to our customers at a reduced price.

About The Service

Our moving crates are designed to make your moving process a whole lot easier by maximising space and ensuring the safety of your items. We help to look after the environment by using crates that are made of recycled plastic, and this also makes sure that the moving crates are sturdy and will protect your possessions against damage.

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If you’re looking for crate hire in Bedfordshire, Kavanagh Brothers should be your first choice. Our 24-hour delivery makes the process as quick as possible, and we provide moving crates at a competitive price in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Get in touch to find out more.