Why do you need hire crates?

There are many reasons as to why you may find yourself in need of requiring hire crates or a general place to safely store your possessions. It may be because you are moving house or going away. You might have a lack of space in your home or need a short term storage solution for memorabilia and valuables.      

Moving House

Are you moving house or going to University? Do you need a safe container to put your possessions in? Then we can help! Moving house is a very stressful time due to having to move your belongings from one area to another. Our moving boxes in Bedford ensure the safety of your items and will make the transition easier by maximising space.

Home Renovations

During a renovation, your home can become very cluttered, and belongings can get lost. To avoid this, we can provide safe and secure storage units in Bedford where you can store your belongings with little worry. Storing your belongings will mean that during the renovation they won’t get dirty or destroyed. Once the renovation is complete, the belongings can then be restored to your home with no damage.    


If you are going travelling for a significant period, using our storage units will provide a safe area for your possessions to be kept while you are away. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that they are being held in a secure place.  

Lack of Room

Trying to keep your house tidy and organised can be a challenge and often attempts at organising further result in more clutter and confusion as to where everything has gone. Self-storage units in Bedford vary in sizes meaning that you can put any size possession in the storage safely. For example, if you had a spare table or chairs they could easily be placed in storage until needed.

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