What Shouldn’t be Stored in a Storage Unit?

Stored badly

Storing your belongings in a storage unit is not only practical but is also convenient and will open up space in your home. Choose what you want to store in your unit carefully, taking into account the particular items that shouldn’t be stored.

Storage units in Bedford are very well secured and offer the perfect storage solution for your storing needs.



As beautiful as plants are, they shouldn’t be kept in a storage unit. Plants need sunlight, regular watering and care. In a storage unit, they will not get this, and it will further result in them withering. When plants start to wither, they get mouldy and start to smell. This can result in other items in the unit starting to smell too.   


Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials will involve anything that’s of a flammable, toxic or combustible nature. These materials are very dangerous and could put the entire storage site at risk if they were stored. A few examples of these materials would be fertilisers, paint, propane tanks, compressed gas, petrol, amunition and fireworks.


Perishable Food

Food is very similar to plants. It needs to be kept in the correct conditions and used within a particular date. There are no plug sockets; therefore, fridges and freezers can’t be stored. Mouldy food will smell terrible, and the food will most likely attract pests such as rats.



Storage in Bedford is very protected and have well-monitored units. However, you should still avoid storing any valuables you may have. These items may include things such as cash, family heirlooms or jewellery. If you did want to store them, then it’s recommended to have insurance on these items.


Anything Illegal

As you’d expect, any illegal items must not be stored in a storage unit. Illegal items will include objects such as those that are stolen and narcotics.


Legal Documents

Some important legal documents are irreplaceable. Having them lost, stolen or damaged might leave you in a bit of a tricky situation. Legal documents will involve things such as passports, birth certificates and driving licenses.   


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