Getting Ready For Winter

Stored badly

Getting ready for winter this year has become a whole lot easier due to storage units. As summer sadly disappears, we begin to transition into the colder months. During these months our summer accessories can get damaged if left outside and uncovered.

Storage in Bedford has the perfect solution for you, with storage units that will safely hold your possessions until you are ready for them again.  


Paddling Pools

As the cold weather creeps in, it’s getting too cold for a relaxing dip in the paddling pool. Empty out the paddling pool, let it dry out and then pack it away for winter. Along with the paddling pool, don’t forget about all the fun accessories that come along with it. Put the inflatables, toys and games into storage to allow you to have more room at home for winter accessories.


Sun Loungers

Sun loungers are one of the best parts about summer. Sitting outside enjoying the fresh air as the scorching hot sun beams down on your skin, leaving you with a golden brown glaze. Protect your sun loungers and put them away in storage


Hammock and Swing Seats

Hammocks tend to be made out of fabric and can get destroyed in damp weather. Mildew tends to grow in damp areas, and this can ruin your hammock. If the swing seat is fabricated too then, this will also be at risk of getting damaged. Not only is it the fabric that can be ruined but also the metal. If it gets rusty, then it will destroy the metal and mean you need to get another swing seat. Save yourself money and put your hammock and swing seat away for winter. Storage units are the best place as they are dry and will safely look after your summer possessions.



Barbecues often come with a cover to protect them from rain and strong winds. This cover is particularly useful and will help keep your BBQ in good condition. Leaving your BBQ out in cold weather can damage it, especially if it gets wet. Look after your barbecue and put it away this winter, so it’s ready for next year.



Gazebos are fantastic for outdoor parties, gatherings or BBQs. However, as the days and nights begin to get colder, the number of garden parties we have decreases due it being too cold! Once packed up gazebos are quite bulky and you may benefit from putting it away in a storage unit to free up some room at home. Self storage in Bedford can offer you a safe, secure and clean unit for you to keep your belongings in.

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