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Hire the experts for your move.

Why Hire the Experts. Saves time: Time is valuable. We are the professionals. Let us do the hard work. Packing is a skill. We do this every day, its our job! Saves money: Asking friends to help is great but what happens if they break something expensive? We have the correct covers/blankets and the professional knowledge […]


Moving House Checklist

Your moving checklist Do yo need help with a moving checklist? We have compiled a moving checklist to help you organize your move correctly. Moving home can be a stressful time, so please use our moving checklist to help relieve the stress. Two Months Before        1. Start Sorting Go through every room […]


Storage FAQs

Storage units are incredibly useful, and in more ways than one. They offer a safe, alternative solution to a cluttered home or office. With units ranging in sizes, there will always be room for your belongings despite the size. Storage units in Bedford will supply you with a secure place for you to keep your […]

Useful Home Storage Tips

Finding space for each item you own can be challenging. The trick to finding your belongings a home is by making the most of what you’ve got available. Whether this is updating your bed to have hidden storage areas or optimising your cabinets/cupboards, it will offer you more storage options. If your home is overflowing […]

5 Reasons You May Need a Storage Unit

Storage units are an incredibly useful facility! They offer a solution for all storage needs. Whether you’re moving house or having your home renovated, you may find it beneficial to use a storage unit. Storage units in Bedford will offer you an excellent place to put your possessions until you’re ready for them.   Moving […]

Getting Ready For Winter

Getting ready for winter this year has become a whole lot easier due to storage units. As summer sadly disappears, we begin to transition into the colder months. During these months our summer accessories can get damaged if left outside and uncovered. Storage in Bedford has the perfect solution for you, with storage units that […]

Organise Your Home

When you’re at home, you want to feel as relaxed as possible. Organising your home will help with this and give you peace of mind. Storage in Bedford is a good, safe place to store your possessions until you have the available space in your home.   The Office Offices tend to get very messy […]

How To Pack Your Belongings in a Storage Containers

Storage Containers Putting your belongings in storage can be quite stressful as you want to ensure that they are going to be safe and not get broken or stolen. Our storage containers in Bedford are very secure, well monitored and well-maintained units situated inside our warm and dry warehouse.   Divide Belongings As you’re putting items […]