Hire the experts for your move.

Hire the experts

Why Hire the Experts.

Saves time: Time is valuable. We are the professionals. Let us do the hard work. Packing is a skill. We do this every day, its our job!

Saves money: Asking friends to help is great but what happens if they break something expensive? We have the correct covers/blankets and the professional knowledge to pack your belongings in our vehicles to travel safely. Which will give you peace of mind.

Saves stress: One of the main reasons people find moving house stressful is because of the immense workload involved. Why not hire Kavanagh Brothers to provide a full pack service to take away as much stress as possible. No stress finding boxes, organising a hire van,  friends to help, dogs under your feet, children screaming! Why not leave us to it and go and have a relaxing coffee

Just a few reasons to Hire the Experts! Call FREE 0800 63 44 100 and have a friendly chat about your requirements.

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